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 Frequently Asked Questions

What's Your Favorite Nude Beach in Hawaii?
Sure, nude beaches are illegal in Hawaii. So, what is your favorite beach where you can bath in your birthday suit?
Before You Take Your Hawaii Vacation - Money Saving Tips
Were you planning a trip to Hawaii but were put off when you found that airfare for two was up by as much as $1000? What can you do to make up that money with the rest of your trip expenses and still get to visit paradise? Here are some tips to help you save money for your Hawaii vacation.
Where Do Hawaii's Visitors Come From and How Do They Get to Hawaii?
Find out from which U.S. and world cities Hawaii's visitors arrive, which airlines bring most of the visitors to Hawaii and how this information can help you plan your trip.
Profile of the State of Hawaii: Island and County Names, Nicknames and Geography
Understanding place names in Hawaii is an important first step in planning your trip to the Hawaiian Islands. It all begins with understanding the names of the islands themselves, since even this can be confusing to a first time visitor. In addition to their island names and county names, each island has one or more nicknames.
Hawaii Beach Guide - All That You Need to Know About the Beaches in Hawaii
All that you need to know about the beaches in Hawaii. We include lists of best beaches, beach photos, information on the beaches on each island and even where you can find Hawaii's unofficial nude beaches.
How to Avoid a Sunburn
The sun in Hawaii is the strongest in the world. Don't ruin your vacation by getting a bad sunburn. Here are our tips on how to avoid a sunburn.
How to Avoid Jet Lag
Many travelers lose the enjoyment of a day or more of their vacation because of their inability to avoid jet lag. Don't let this happen to you when you visit Hawaii. Here is how to avoid jet lag.
How To Book Your Airfare to Hawaii
Part of the fun, and challenge of a vacation to Hawaii is planning your trip. Book your own airfare and you can save yourself some money.
How to Decide When to Visit Hawaii
While the inclination is to visit Hawaii in the winter to escape the winter weather on the mainland, it's actually not the time to find either the best weather or the best bargains.
How To Pack For a Trip to Hawaii
Many folks are really confused about how to pack for a one- or two-week trip to Hawaii, often thousands of miles from home. We hope that these few ideas will help you out.
Top 10 Things to Pack for a Trip to Hawaii
One of the hardest parts of preparing for any trip is deciding what to pack. We offer our thoughts on what to pack for Hawaii and the South Pacific, or for any extended vacation.
Planning Your Hawaiian Vacation - Packing and Planning
Packing for Hawaii requires a good plan of what to take with you and what can best be bought or rented once you arrive.
Security Updates for Airlines Servicing Hawaii
Airline security updates provided by the airlines servicing the islands of Hawaii.
Overview of the Hawaii Smoke-Free Law
In 2006, Hawaii joined 13 other states - and several countries around the world - in the growing movement to protect people from the significant health risks of secondhand smoke. The new Hawaii Smoke-Free Law prohibits smoking in enclosed public areas and workplaces.

 Before You Arrive

Air Travel
- Airfare: Saving money on
- Airport Security Checkpoint Tips
- Laptop Through Security
- Travel sickness
- Jetlag avoidance
- Connecting flights
- Island-hopping
- Agricultural inspection
- Practical Tips for U.S. Travelers

Esssential Facts
- Big Island of Hawaii: Essential Facts
- Kauai: Essential Facts
- Maui: Essential Facts
- Oahu: Essential Facts

Packing for Hawaii
- What to bring
- Sports gear advice
- Packing your bags
- Dressing for Hawaii
- Be Prepared for Paradise

- ICE Number in Your Mobile Phone
- When to visit
- Worry-free electrical
- Disability traveling
- Planning Your Hawaii Wedding
- Wedding Advice from the Professionals
- Accommodation checklist
- B&B: Thinking of trying a B&B?

Tales of the Hawaiian Islands
- "Aloha Oe," by Jack London
- "The House of Pride," by Jack London
- "Chun Ah Chun," by Jack London
- "Good-Bye, Jack," by Jack London
- "Jack London, by Himself," by Jack London
- "Koolau the Leper," by Jack London
- "The Sheriff of Kona," by Jack London

 While You Visit

"Local Style"
- Superstitions
- Courtesies: "Local-style" etiquette
- Winward & Leeward: Sides of the Islands
- Foods: "Local-style" delicacies
- Hawaiian Terms for People
- Top 20 Hawaiian Words to Learn for your Trip

- Flower Lei Exchange
- Best Romantic Places in Hawaii
- Marriage License: Need One?
- Wedding locations

- Water Safety
- Surf Warnings & Precautions
- Hiking Safety
- Driving: "Click it or ticket" law
- Rental car insurance

- Helicopter flightseeing tips
- Snorkeling successfully
- Monk Seals: Guidelines for Viewing
- Whales: Guidelines for Watching
- Manta Rays

- Hawaiian Massage
- Nude Beaches
- Flower Lei: How to preserve
- Healthy eating
- Big Island: Farmer's Market
- Kauai: Farmer's Market

 Hawaiian Islands Map